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Brassica Production in Florida

Started Sep 21, 2022
2.5 credits


Full course description

Brassica Production in Florida 2022


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CEUs are available for this course.

2.5 CEUs Maximum (approximately 2.5 hours)

  • Private Applicator Ag Pest Control
  • Ag Row Crop Pest Control
  • Ag Tree Crop Pest Control
  • Aerial Application
  • Soil and Greenhouse Fumigation
  • Demonstration and Research


Topics and presenters’ information:

  1. Weed Management in Brassica Crops. (Dr Peter Dittmar, Assistant Professor of Horticulture Science, UF/IFAS, Gainesville, FL).
  2. Nematode Management in Brassica Crops. (Dr. Johan Desaeger, Associate Professor of Nematology, UF/IFAS GCREC, Balm, FL).
  3. Basics of Soil Nutrient Management. (Dr. Shinsuke Agehara, Associate Professor of Horticulture Science, UF/IFAS GCREC, Balm, FL).
  4. Nutrient Management and BMPS. (Dr. Lincoln Zotarelli, Associate Professor of Horticulture Sciences, UF/IFAS Gainesville, FL).
  5. Black Rot of Cabbage: Overview and Management. (Renzo Ramirez, MS student, Plant Pathology, UF/IFAS GCREC, Balm, FL).
  6. Management of Diamondback Moth. (Dr. Hugh Smith, Associate Professor of Entomology, UF/IFAS GCREC, Balm, FL).


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